Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy


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An unexpected love triangle, a failed seduction trap and an encounter that results from a misunderstanding.

Meiko (FURUKAWA Kotone) is startled when she realises that the man whom her best friend is starting to have feelings for, is her ex; Nao (MORI Katsuki) aids her lover Sasaki (KAI Shouma) in a cunning revenge against his college professor, while Natsuko encounters a woman who appears to be from her past, leading the two to confess feelings they have harboured in their hearts.

“Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy” is a three-part anthology film, featuring stories about the complexities of relationships, told through the coincidences that happen in the lives of women in love.

Festival Accolades:

  • Silver Bear Jury Grand Prix Winner, Berlin International Film Festival 2021


Day Time Cinema Format
8 Oct 2021, Friday 8pm Oldham Theatre Physical Screening
24 Oct 2021, Sunday 5pm Oldham Theatre Physical Screening
30 Oct 2021, Saturday 8pm Oldham Theatre Physical Screening


Year: 2021
Runtime: 121 mins
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Genre: Drama
Rating:   Sexual References and Some Homosexual Content

Directed by



FURUKAWA Kotone, SHIBUKAWA Kiyohiko, MORI Katsuki, KAI Shouma, URABE Fusako, KAWAI Aoba