My Dad Is A Heel Wrestler


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Takashi Omura was used to the spotlight and the applause of the crowd. He was a famous wrestler, both popular and good at his job, but was forced to retire for a long time after a major knee injury. A decade later, still unable to return to his former strength, Takashi becomes a Heel – ‘bad guy wrestler’. Instead of applause, he now spends his days being booed by the crowd. His wife Shiori still supports him, though he has not told his 9-year-old son, Shota. But one day, Shota finds out what he does for a living, and says, “If you’re a bad guy, dad, I hate you!” Fortunately, Takashi gets a chance to regain his honour when Dragon, a famous young wrestler who once admired Takashi, challenges him to a title match. Takashi fights an impossible battle for his pride, and for the family he loves. What dangerous technique will he use when he risks it all? And will he be able to win back his bond with his son?


Day Time Cinema Format
11 Dec 2020, Friday 6.50pm Shaw Theatres Lido Physical Screening


Year: 2018
Runtime: 110 mins
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Genre: Drama, Sports
Rating: PG13 Some Violence

Directed by



TANAHASHI Hiroshi, KIMURA Yoshino, TERADA Kokoro