My Broken Mariko


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Shiino one day finds out her best friend Mariko has committed suicide and she abandons her job and hurries to Mariko’s family home, where she snatches Mariko’s urn from her father who had been abusing and tormenting Mariko since her childhood. With Mariko’s urn in hand, Shiino hops on an over-night coach heading to Cape Marigaoga, which she remembered was a place Mariko wanted to go. Suffering from the guilty conscience of not been able to stop Mariko from killing herself and in desperation, Shiino decides to commit suicide too. At that moment, Shiino hears someone calling for help and helps the girl. Although she was badly injured, her life is saved. By the time Shiino heads home, she starts to accept Mariko’s death. Shiino receives something unexpected from Mariko.


Day Time Cinema Format
16 October 2022, Sunday 6.45pm Shaw Lido Theatres Physical Screening


Year: 2022
Runtime: 85 mins
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Genre: Drama
Comment: Some Mature Content and Coarse Language

Directed by



NAGANO Mei, Nao, KUBOTA Masataka