Liar x Liar


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Minato (MORI Nana) lives with her stepbrother Toru (MATSUMURA Hokuto) from her mother’s remarriage. Minato is a germaphobe and is completely disinterested in looking pretty. Toru is handsome and a major ladies’ man. Minato cannot stand Toru’s womanising ways and insists they keep their distance from each other, even though they are both in the same university.

One day, Minato puts on a ‘gal’ costume as a favour to a friend. While in her getup of a blonde wig, heavy makeup and a high school uniform, she bumps unexpectedly into Toru, and he falls madly in love with the ‘gal’ version of Minato!

A lie piles upon more lies as they start interacting more.


Day Time Cinema Format
9 Oct 2021, Saturday 2pm Shaw Theatres Lido Physical Screening


Year: 2021
Runtime: 117 mins
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Rating:   Some Mature Content

Directed by



MATSUMURA Hokuto (SixTONES), MORI Nana, KOSEKI Yuta, HOTTA Mayu, SHIMEKAKE Ryuya (Travis Japan / ジャニーズJr.)