Equinox Flower – 2K Restoration




Wealthy Tokyo businessman Wataru is confronted with his own conservative ways when his elder daughter, Setsuko, defies his plans for an arranged marriage to be with a partner of her own choosing. Although unwavering at first, he eventually accepts the evolving societal values of the times.

TANAKA Kinuyo, co-stars as Wataru’s wife, Kiyoko–portraying a throwback to traditional wife-mother roles of her earlier career. Expressing a gentle defiance to patriarchal control, she gracefully stands up to the stubborn petulance of her husband.

OZU Yasujirō’s first colour film ever, Equinox Flower, also marks the twilight era for both OZU and TANAKA’s film careers, which spanned almost five decades up to that point. With the lack of opportunities for veteran actresses, TANAKA took a hiatus from leading roles, appearing more as supporting characters. She was mainly a television actress by the mid-1960s, until her autumnal recognition in KUMAI Kei’s 1974 film Sandakan No. 8–a role that won her the Best Actress Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.


Day Time Cinema Format
9 October 2022, Sunday 2.00pm Oldham Theatre Physical Screening
22 October 2022, Saturday 8.00pm Oldham Theatre Physical Screening


Year: 1958
Runtime: 118 mins
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Genre: Drama
Comment: Rating Exempted

Directed by

OZŪ Yasujirō


ARIMA Ineko, KUGA Yoshiko, SADA Keiji, SABURI Shin, TANAKA Kinuyo, RYU Chishū, YAMAMOTO Fujiko