Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes


© EUROPE KIKAKU/ Tollywood 2020


Does two minutes count as time travel? In this ingenious film, of course it does!

Kato lives above the café he owns. One day, the computer in his room begins speaking to him directly. It is Kato himself, but a Kato that is two minutes ahead. The situation escalates quickly when his friends join in and capitalise on this wormhole in time.

Filmmaker YAMAGUCHI Junta’s debut film is a delightful exercise in recursive storytelling, amazingly filmed in a single take!

Festival Accolades

  • Golden Bat: Best Film, Fantafestival 2021
  • Audience Awards: Best Asian Feature, Fantasia Film Festival 2021
  • New Flesh Award for Best First Feature: Special Mention, Fantasia Film Festival 2021
Day Time Cinema Format
16 Oct 2021, Saturday 6pm Shaw Theatres Lido Physical Screening
48 hours from the time you click 'Play' Shaw KinoLounge Virtual Screening


Year: 2020
Runtime: 71 mins
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy

Directed by



ASAKURA Aki, ISHIDA Gota, TOSA Kazunori, SUWA Masashi, FUJITANI Riko