Anatomy of a Paper Clip



Gawkish Kogure (TOMOMATSU Sakae) passively allows himself to be cursed by the boss of the paperclip factory where he works as a paperclip bender. Without protest, he lets his clothes be stolen by fairly clumsy thieves. Kogure does not put up a fight about anything. One day, he finds a butterfly in his small flat and he allows the insect to fly to freedom. Another day he finds a trespassing woman speaking strangely (a gibberish invented by the makers) in his flat. He lets her stay, just like her father who turns up. In Kogure’s imagination, the woman is a transformation of the butterfly and he allows a series of things to happen because of it.

Film Festival Accolades

  • Hivos Tiger Award, 43rd International Film Festival Rotterdam 2014
  • 20th annual Dragons and Tigers Award for Young Cinema, Vancouver International Film Festival 2013 


Day Time Cinema Format
15 Oct 2021, Friday 8.00pm Oldham Theatre Physical Screening


Year: 2013
Runtime: 99 mins
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Genre: Drama
Rating:   Sexual Scenes

Directed by



TOMOMATSU Sakae, KATO Kazutoshi, HARA Yukari, TAKAHASHI Toshiyuki